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Our Team

We have a dedicated and experienced team ready to help you out with all of your aerial application needs.


Riley Parsonage, Chief Pilot

Riley Parsonage is the Chief Pilot at Air Greenway.  He completed his Diploma in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba in 2010.
His passion for agriculture continues on the family farm. Riley is committed to the safety and quality of spraying performed by Air Greenway. He acquired his Commercial pilot license at the Brandon Flying Club in the winter of 2012/13. Riley then took advanced aerial applicator training in 2013 at Battlefords Air Spray (North Battleford Saskatchewan) and began spraying for Air Greenway upon his return. In 2015, he completed the radial conversion course at Battlefords Air Spray and began flying a Thrush S2R.

In his spare time, Riley enjoys spending time with his family and quadding with friends.


Sally Parsonage, President

Sally Parsonage completed her Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) at the University of Manitoba in 2012. Sally shares a passion for agriculture and is constantly reading and learning.  
Sally assists with ground crew duties when she is not managing the family farm.  

In her spare time, she likes to practice yoga, host dinner parties and continue working on the house with her husband, Jeff.


Jennie Parsonage, Dispatch

Jennie Parsonage completed her Bachelor of Arts (Hon Politics and Economics) at the Royal Military College in 2004. After 14 years in the Canadian Army as a Logistics Officer, Jennie returned home to be closer to family.
Jennie is most likely to answer the 'spray phone' and schedule the planes. She also works as ground crew. 

Partner to Patrick, Jennie is Mom to four kids and attempts to spend the odd windy day with them in the summer. 


Gino Gelinas, Pilot

Gino started with Air Greenway in 2019.  Although he is kind of new to us his passion for flying started 30 years ago as an officer in the Canadian Air Force.  In June of 1995 he started cropdusting and fell in love with it.  Being addicted to adrenaline and maneuvers involved in aerial application, he can’t picture himself flying any other type of aircraft. 

Gino flies one of the Geared Thrush Commander S2R during spray season and when he is not spraying he goes down south and enjoys organizing dirt bike expeditions in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.

If you are in search of an adrenaline rush and are familiar with riding motorcycles, feel free to contact him when you are in the Puerto Plata area at


Dory Parsonage, Ground Crew

Dory Parsonage completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta in 2009. He also holds welding and machining certificates from Assiniboine Community College. After working as an engineer for a number of years in Winnipeg and Edmonton, Dory returned home in 2020 to work with his family on the farm and Air Greenway. 

Dory is the lead ground crew and jack of all trades when equipment needs troubleshooting. Dory also holds his Private Pilot's License.

Dory is currently devoting his spare time to building a house for his family.

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